Autumn Training Schedule 2016


September 2016

September 9 & 10, 2016 Foster Parent Core Training 12-hour course Foster Parent Core Training meets the pre-certification training requirements set by Colorado rules and regulations for licensure to operate a Family Foster Care Home. This training provides introductory level information needed to successfully become a foster/kinship/adoptive parent. Participants can expect to learn about the legal process, including how children and families become involved with the child welfare system and the services provided to support the family unit. Participants will also gain an understanding of how to work alongside child welfare agencies and a family of origin while providing a nurturing and therapeutic environment to offset the impact of maltreatment on children and youth in the foster care system.

Additional topics covered in the training include: child abuse and neglect, child development, discipline, creating permanency for children and youth, cultural considerations, and foster/kinship/adoptive family preparation.

Prior to attending the classroom portion of this training, you will need to register for and complete the following Web-Based Trainings (WBTs): 

  • Child Development and the Effects of Trauma(you may choose the course that correlates with the age of child you desire to care for), AND
  • The Reasonable and Prudent Parenting Standard. 

(Both of these Web Based Trainings can be found on the Foster, Kin & Adoptive Parent website)

DATES & TIME: FRIDAY, September 9, 2016     6:00pm to 9:00pm

SATURDAY, September 10, 2016   8:30am to 4:03pm                (9 training hours)



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LOCATION: Southeast Regional Training Center- Door C Room 3

ADDRESS:   172 Justice Center Road, Canon City, Co. 81212

DESCRIPTION:  Fremont County DHS, enter building through South entrance  



October 7, 2016 “Consequences of Maltreatment for Child Development” This interactive, classroom-based course will help you understand the impact of trauma on the development of children and youth who have experienced child abuse and neglect.

Trauma and post-trauma adversities can profoundly influence children’s acquisition of developmental competencies and their capacity to reach important developmental milestones in domains such as cognitive functioning, emotional regulation, and interpersonal relationships. Your own experiences in caring for and working with children and youth will be a resource during this training; you will be asked to consider the impact that abuse and neglect might have on the children and youth you are caring for and working with, and how this impact might manifest in a child or youth’s behavior. You will also be introduced to videos, interactive activities, case studies, and written resources that you can access to explore the impact of abuse, neglect, and other forms of trauma.

And, most importantly, you will explore the guidelines and strategies that caregivers, caseworkers, therapists, and the entire child welfare system can use when trauma and its developmental consequences have been identified. Understanding these guidelines and strategies will allow us all to think critically about our decision making at critical points in a case. To create safety, permanency, and well-being for children and youth, it is necessary for child welfare to be trauma-informed as a system. For that reason, we strongly encourage you to register for this course together with members of your county’s multidisciplinary team.

DATE & TIME: Friday, October 7, 2016     8:30am to 4:30pm    (6.5 training hours)


LOCATION: Southeast Regional Training Center- Door C Room 3

ADDRESS:   172 Justice Center Road, Canon City, Co. 81212

DESCRIPTION:  Fremont County DHS, enter building through South entrance  


Pueblo Community College CPR Training Center is offering a CPR/AED and First Aid class on

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Classes will be held in the Pueblo Community College Medical Technology Building Rm 109

Classes are open to all community members.

Class times are as follows:

CPR/AED         8:45-11:30 am – $25.00

First Aid           12:30-3:30 pm – $15.00

 Participants can choose either class or take both classes.

To register call Ann Flores at 719-549-3477

This is an American Heart Association – 2 year certification – 1st timers or re-certification’s are all welcome.

CPR/First Aid Providers:


  • Phil Pacheco: 547-9178 or 334-1328 American Heart Association, 2 years. $40.00 call for classes or special needs.
  • Renee Beauvais: 251-8878 American Heart Association, 2 years. Will come to home- $35.00 call for classes or special needs.
  • Jackie Garcia –American Heart 2 years 544-5353 or 369-2366. $45.00 call for classes, also Isolation Precautions-$20.00
  • Dixie Wells: Red Cross-2 years, 252-4564 Leave a message. Will come to homes or call for classes $40.00 CPR & First Aid
  • Melissa McCann-Baker: 369-1088-cell, American Heart 2 years $50.00 Call for classes or Special Needs





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