Spring into New Foster Parent Training

Making the decision to become a foster parent is a daunting one. It is a question that many couples ponder for lengthy periods of time before even coming to us. We encourage everyone to think through the decision, but we also encourage you to let us help you in the process. Many people spend countless hours pondering question or googling stories without ever talking to trained professionals.

At Bridges, our Home Coordinators have over 30 years of experience counseling couples and singles who are considering foster care. We encourage you not to get lost on the information highway and take the step to connect with us. Remember, giving us a call is not a commitment. It is just an avenue to get your questions answered by authentic and honest caseworkers. We are committed to being real and forthright with you. We hope all of our new foster families enter into the process with their eyes wide-open and fully understanding what they are getting into.

Once you’ve had a chance to sit down with our Home Coordinator and get your questions answered and complete your application, then you are ready for the next steps.  This is a process and we won’t allow it to be rushed. That is why our New Foster Parent Training courses are free to you and are focused on helping you to learn to be prepared for everything you might encounter on this journey.

Because these courses are in-depth we are only able to host them several times each year. The benefits to training with one of our classes include:

  • Learning alongside other New Foster Parents.
  • Hearing the answers to questions that you might not have considered.
  • Building relationships with other families on a similar journey.
  • Connecting with our Coordinators relationally so you are comfortable with the process.

Our Spring class is filling up and we want you to have the opportunity. Even if you are not ready to open your home today…but 2015 might be the year, take the next step and join this Spring training class to begin the process. Call us today at (719)583.2200 or visit our ‘Next Steps’ page for more.

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