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We know that our community is in desperate need of resources for the incredible parents who are working to navigate raising a child in the modern era. We want to encourage all parents to join us for this conference and would love your support in getting the word out across town! Please feel free to download these resources to print them and promote this conference. If you support caring for neglected children here in Pueblo county and beyond, please visit us on Facebook to share our conference posts and ‘Like’ our page for updates.

Please contact us at (719)583-2200 if you would like us to bring printed posters and flyers to you! Or download and print them for your bulletin boards!

Download the 8.5×11 Flyer Here
ETC Flyer(1) (Click the blue link to download PDF)


Download the 11 x 17 poster here
ETC POSTER (Click the blue link to download PDF)


Download Facebook Images and Posts Here
(To download right click and select ‘save image as’)

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