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AVAILABLE NOW “The Reasonable & Prudent Parent Standard” 2(Web -Based Training)
On a daily basis, parents and caregivers are faced with decisions regarding their children’s safety, permanency, and well-being. These decisions require the use of judgment. The task is complicated for caregivers of children and youth in foster care given the number of laws, policies, guidelines, and rules that restrict activities and require potentially time-consuming approval processes.
Because most children or youth in foster care will likely struggle to experience a “normal” childhood or adolescence, the Reasonable & Prudent Parent Standard was enacted to create more normalcy for them. this self-paced web-based training will help you.

  • understand the Reasonable & Prudent Parent Standard (RPPS) as it is outlined in federal law and in Volume 7 (Social Services Rules);
  • consider how to work effectively with those involved in the care of children and youth in out-of-home placement to operationalize the Reasonable and Prudent Parent Standard in decisions that are made for children in out-of-home placements; and
  • reflect on how to interact with children and youth in a culturally responsive and supportive way to promote their healthy development and enhance their well-being.

If you will be a foster or out-of-home caregiver or provider in Colorado, you must obtain initial training in the Reasonable and Prudent Parent Standard through this web-based training. You are then required to receive training annually from your certifying, sponsoring, or owning organization in applying the RPPS.
It is designed to help caseworkers working with children and youth in out-of-home care by enhancing their understanding of the RPPS and how they can support caregivers or providers in operationalizing it.

Once you are registered for this online training, please log in to your account and select Access Online Training from the left side of your profile page. In the new window that opens, click the listing for this training under My Courses.

To get the most from this course, be sure to use an up-to-date browser on your computer. If you have technical questions, please contact .

ONLINE TRAINING (1.5 hours of training)

May 20 & 21, 2016 “Parenting Children With Challenging Behaviors”


This two-day training will explore behaviors common in children who are in foster care or who have been adopted, as well as the effects of prenatal substance exposure on the developing brain. You’ll acquire techniques for managing challenging behaviors, and you’ll leave with enhanced parenting skills.







DATES & TIME: FRIDAY, May 20, 2016 4:30pm to 8:30pm
SATURDAY, May 21, 2016 8:30am to 4:30pm (13 training hours)


LOCATION: Southeast Regional Training Center- Door C Room 3
ADDRESS: 172 Justice Center Road, Canon City, Co. 81212
DESCRIPTION: Fremont County DHS, enter building through South entrance


Fostering Colorado Presents
Colorful Communication by Emma Hudson
Yes, But How? By Debi Grebenik

Foster Parents, Therapists, Case Workers, Home Supervisors:
On May 25, 2016 from 9am to 11:30am, and 12:30 to 3:30pm please join
us for two training modules; Colorful communication by State
Representative Emma Hudson and Yes, But How? By Debi Grebenik

Part 1 Colorful Communication

We all have a blend of characteristics that make up our personality. These
characteristics have an effect on the way we communicate. Although there are
countless ways to explain our behaviors and personalities, the Colorful
Communication model is one of the easiest to remember and most fun to
apply. This interactive workshop includes a personal quiz to determine your
Colorful Communication Style as well as group exercises and strategies to
help you become a powerful communicator at work and at home. This session
will open up lines of communication by helping you unravel the
communication patterns of yourself and others. You will explore how each
Colorful Communication Style approaches communication, including their
motivations, frustrations, and how to recognize a certain communication style
during conversation. This memorable and useful tool will not disappoint!

Part 2 Yes, But How?

This training is designed to begin with an understanding the effects of trauma
on children/youth and gives the participant tools and skills to understand the
challenging behaviors. The goal is to look at the function of behavior and to
develop strategies and interventions to use with children and youth with
trauma histories. Leaving this training you should have several interventions
and tools to add to your tool bag!



Registration: $75 for members/ $85 for non members/non member foster
parents (includes both modules)

Networking lunch: 11:30-12:30 Etai box lunch provided for $15.00
FC Member Foster Parents are welcome at no cost for the training.
Please RSVP by 5/6/2016 to ; complete
enclosed form.

CEU credits offered. Training held at Parker Person Care Homes: 1597 Cole
Blvd. Suite 250 Lakewood, CO 80104

Spring 2016 Registration Form
Name (s): _______________________________________________
Agency: _________________________________________________
Contact information (used for changes in training or cancelations):
Please fill in any of the following that apply:
$75 Member Registration # ___ Member Foster Parent # ____
$85 Non Member Registration # ____
Box Lunch $15 # ____ Dietary Restrictions:________________________
Total payment enclosed: _____________

Please register by 5/6/16, return registration form to and send payment to Jodi Walters 1597 Cole
Blvd. Suite 250 Lakewood, CO 80104. Make checks payable to Fostering

Thank You!

Mark Your Calendars May 1st – 6th


Exciting online event!

I’ll be hosting an online event beginning May 1st called the Adoption Heart Conference. The theme of the conference is “Healing Emotions & Responding to Trauma in Your Adoptive Family.” I created this online conference to give ALL adoptive parents access to quality training without requiring travel or sitters.
I’ve brought together top-notch experts to discuss topics that, as an adoptive parent, I personally need to understand better. Here is a list of some of the AMAZING speakers: Bryan Post, Dawn Davenport, Sharla Kostelyk, Lori Holden, Dr. Rob Melillo, Amy Sugeno, Marshall Lyles, Debra Jones, Sherrie Eldridge, Jillian Lauren, Dr. Sue Cornbluth, Stacy Manning, Chadwick Sapenter, Mike Berry, Ashley Mitchell, and Gianna Dahlia.

I’m learning so much, friends. I can’t wait to share with you! More details will be coming soon. So stay posted for details about early registration. Big Hugs, Penelope

You don’t have to be alone in your journey as an adoptive parent. If you’ve ever felt like you couldn’t deal with the difficult behaviors that come with a child that has been traumatized— or if you wondered if healing will ever come for your adoptive family. There is hope!
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