Next Steps

We strive to be Colorado’s leading provider of quality, comprehensive, foster care services in three ways:

  1. We know ‘the system’ is complex, so we provide you with solid information throughout the certification process.
  2. We understand you are looking for guidance so we are committed to providing you with excellent training.
  3. We feel that each family is unique so we work hard to place each child in the best home.

Our experience with this 6-Step process helps to make Bridges the trusted choice in foster care for Southern Colorado families.

Take the first step: Schedule your informal interview today!


*Remember, the informal interview is not a commitment to become a foster family.  It is just the first step to researching and understanding what the process means for you. There are no expectations or requirements.  Our home coordinators are available to answer your questions  as you build the confidence to move forward.


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