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Bridges Child Placement Agency

Fostering Foster Parents to Success!

Bridges Child Placement Agency recruits and trains foster parents to provide foster care to children in Colorado. We seek to partner with others in our community to make a difference serving families throughout Colorado. Bridges focuses on providing nurturing, structured homes for children to begin healing from abuse or abandonment. 

Responding to the call to love our neighbors, we seek to strengthen our community by connecting children in need with loving, highly skilled foster parents who are deeply committed to cultivating strong character in children. When home becomes a safe place where love is unconditional, children can shift their focus from surviving to thriving. If you are ready to help build a bridge for a child so they can have a better tomorrow today, join our team of foster parents.

The "Orphan" Crisis

+ 100000
Children & Youth in Foster Care


is the leading cause of child removal
from the home.


The Solution

Foster care through proper training
and loving homes.

Looking to Foster A Child? We're Looking for You!

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