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About Bridges Child Placement Agency

Why Bridges?

Bridges’ Foster Homes are actively positive places where open affection, mutual respect, and interdependent responsibility are every day practices; where clear communication is a valued and demonstrated skill; where disci-pline is consistent, intentional, and caring. Bridges’ Foster Parents become encouragers, mentors, and teachers for children in care and their parents. 

Bridges carefully screens our families seeking those that are up to the challenge of doing life with children from difficult places. We seek strong, healthy families that know, or are willing to find out, that this type of service is a reward unto itself. While the tangible rewards are few in this work, the intangibles are many. It is that which is internally known and experienced that brings the most fulfillment to fostering. While you may not see, hear, or touch it, becoming a foster family allows you to experience the satisfaction of reaching out in love in a big way to others in your commu-nity. 

Bridges staff members bring a high level of service in supporting these amazing families in their fostering efforts and have great passion in so doing. They understand how demanding and stressful fostering can be for a family and provide a listening ear as well as practical advice to help minimize these effects on our foster families.

What a child needs most is: 


If you are part of a strong, healthy, amazing family that is: 

☑ Passionate about and ready to experience the joy that comes from helping others in need; 

☑ Willing to give your heart, soul, strength and mind to helping others; 

☑ Ready to grow by opening your home and family to another family and their child who is in need; please contact us. We would love to be part of your efforts! 

Why Foster Care?

Growing up in today’s world is hard. For some kids, it’s even harder. When families in our community struggle to the point that the State steps in, Bridges brings loving, compassionate people into their lives to help them get back on track. Primarily, Bridges brings families with a pas-sion for helping others together with families and children in need. 

The most important people involved in this work are our foster parents. Bridges’ foster parents become an essential part of a team of people including Bridges’ staff members, caseworkers, attorneys, therapists and others that work to provide safety and stability to the child while working closely together to return the child to their family. In some instances these efforts are unsuccessful and the child’s foster family may become their forever family. 

What is Foster Care?

 Foster Parenting is a calling of great challenge. Caring for the child of another while that child and his or her family are experiencing high levels of stress, requires a family. It requires both nuclear and extended family of great pas-sion and desire for helping others. It requires a high level of selflessness, a willingness to con-sider others before oneself. Such families are rare, but are desperately needed.