About Bridges Child Placement Agency

Child Placment Adoption Foster Care

Bridges Child Placement Agency is a non-profit organization licensed by the Colorado Department of Human Services to certify and supervise family foster homes for children under age 18. Working closely with county Departments of Social Services, Bridges accepts for placement children in need of care.  These children become part of the household and family of persons of extraordinary character and skill — foster parents.

A Bridge to Care

Bridges’ Foster Parents are carefully selected and undergo an extensive application and screening process.  They are in continual training and enjoy a high level of support from the Agency. Foster Parents receive training commensurate with the needs of the child in their home.

A Bridge to Home

Foster parenting is a calling of great challenge but also with tremendous opportunities for satisfaction and delight.  As a Bridges’ Foster Parent, you will be an integral member of a caring team focused on doing what is best for the child.  You will work alongside caseworkers, attorneys, therapists and school personnel, as well as Bridges’ staff and the child’s family of origin to provide stability and security for the child.  The Bridges’ model of foster care is designed to create a supportive network around the foster child and his or her family with the goal of returning the child to home.  Bridges’ Foster Parents become encouragers, mentors and teachers for children in care and their parents.

A Bridge to Change

Bridges’ Foster Homes are actively positive places where open affection, mutual respect and interdependent responsibility are everyday practices; where clear communication is a valued and demonstrated skill; where discipline is consistent, intentional and caring.

If you would like to know more about foster parenting and about how you might be a part of building bridges to a better tomorrow by helping a child today, click here to get started with uscontact us, or call us.

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